Tuesday, April 17, 2012


at 6:45 pm.  It could be a record time for us—a little less than 8 1/2 hours.  We ate turkey sandwiches on the road and stopped only for bathroom breaks and fuel.  It helped that we drove the speed limit the whole time, which is now 75 mph in Kansas as well as Colorado.

Dan worked on trimming Doug & Drue’s remodeled area in their home.  Everyone got into the job at some point.

P4150113By the time we left, the doors were trimmed and base down.   They are going to be so glad when it’s done—especially to have a kitchen again.  It is all coming together beautifully—I’m anxious to see the backsplash.   

Yesterday, while Dan worked on the trim and the rest of the family was at school and work, I slipped away to visit my first cousin Sylvie.  We have a mutual interest in history, especially family history.  She has done the research, even  traveled to Pennsylvania to visit homes and grave sites, I just like to hear about it.  There should be a book in her future.

Today is Drue’s birthday.  I don’t have a picture of her blowing out candles.  I’m not sure why because we had angle food cake and strawberries last night.  Happy birthday, Drue.  

It was a celebration Sunday eating at  Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen located in south Denver.  It was Doug’s treat for Drue’s birthday and Dan’s help.  The Sunday buffet is truly a thing of beauty. Here is a picture of the blackened catfish with some kind of tasty shrimp sauce.  This place is a must-eat destination in Denver. Everything was so good, I keep thinking about it.  Seriously! 

120415_001 Now it’s back to a routine.  If I don’t have a post about planting garden tomorrow night, someone better come down here and kick me in the behind.  The weather is perfect, the soil temperature is right and there is sufficient moisture.  I can almost taste the corn and green beans!  But, I’ve got to get the seeds in the ground!

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