Thursday, April 19, 2012

Hard to get that balance

Dan and I are trying to eat a more healthy diet.   Just making small changes that will get us on track.

Since we eat our bigger meal at noon, I often fix a big salad for our evening meal.  The trouble with salads,  they soon become just plain boring.

So, I was excited to find this at Sam’s recently.


As we all know, beans are good for us in more ways than one.  Here there are five types all ready to spoon on a bed of lettuce.  And, just as I thought, it is very tasty. 

Then, tonight I had the jar out and happened to check the label.

photo (1)Truthfully, we probably only use 1/4 cup, drained, on our tossed salads which is 60 calories—not too bad.  Of course, it would be high in Dietary fiber.  The two figures that disappoint me are Sodium—130 mg for the small 1/4 cup serving and the 6 grams of sugar. 

Even at that, maybe we need to pick our battles.  We don’t need the beans on every salad we fix.  Also, I felt with the beans, I didn’t need hardly any dressing.  Another tradeoff. 

I suppose when it gets right down to it, eating raw, unprocessed vegetables and fruits is the best.  So, all of this just to slip in that I planted three long rows of green beans, one row of onions and some spinach today. Now that is a salad.

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