Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Fixing Fence in the Flint Hills

At 8:15 am we were loaded and ready.  Our destination is a well maintained flint hill pasture near Skiddy, Kansas.  Wayne, Rod (brother and nephew) and a couple men who own adjacent pastures were already there when we finally arrived at 9:45.  You would think we could drive directly to the pasture, but once again we made a wrong turn. 

Wayne & Rod already had finished the preliminary setting of corner posts and steel posts.  We were there only to help clip the barbed wire to the posts—about a total mile of wire.  Needless to say, Dan and I were tired.  Just another work day for the others.  No wonder rural farm people are so healthy.

P4100063-1 One of the fences.

P4100065Wildflowers in bloom

P4100060  Rod & daughter Emmy Sue catching a few  bass at the end of the day.P4100062Also, there were cookies and drinks—cold ones—with Ruth, Kaylene & Ken

P4100070-1 We parked our camper in the middle of the pasture.  I stirred up some sweet potatoes and asparagus with a little wine.  We ate to a chores of owls, coyotes, and black birds & frogs at a nearby pond.

IMG_6657_thumb[1] Then it was quiet. Very quiet. We love our opportunity to spend a night out here once a year.

It was cool and breezy this morning.   We didn’t see any prairie chicken this year.  They are there, though.  A professor comes to the pasture each morning to count and observe.  We didn’t disturb them or her. 

Home by noon.

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Nothing like a Kansas sunset. Sylvie