Friday, March 30, 2012


We heard from several sources that there were mushrooms to be found so we decided today is the day.  No mushroom hunter worth her salt would say where but I’ll just say we hit the jackpot.

P3290001 Isn’t that a beautiful sight?  Three pounds worth.

For those unsure of what a morel looks like, here is another shot.


We took them to Kim, Marc and boys.  We had enough for everyone to have their fill plus extra.  I think we’re going to give it one more try in the morning.


Anonymous said...

They look like little brains growing out of the ground...yummy.

Linda said...

Doug, if you would try them, you would like them:)

Anonymous said...

I love mushrooms. Mom used to fry them....not healthy, so delicious!!! Sylvie

Ontario Wanderer said...

So far we have found them at four different places on our property but they do not appear every year at the same place so we have to keep looking.

amy kay said...