Monday, June 01, 2009

This might sound corny

Our garden has been in the same place since we moved to our present location in the fall 32 years ago.  All these years I planted the same vegetables in the same place and in the same order.

Not this year. 

This year there are no potatoes, no lettuce or carrots.  This year we have six rows of corn.  And a half row of green beans.  Other than tomatoes, that is all. 

I did not help with the planting program.  Marc, our son-in-law who works with Syngenta Crops provided the seeds.  He and Dan got out our single row planter and got with it. 

I am not complaining.  I think there will be plenty of help eating the corn, which, by the way, has flourished.  Dan tilled and I am working on weeding between plants.  The crop looks great.  I think we’ll have some for next winter too.

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Linda in Erie said...

It's good to have spring here and a garden to tend to. It gives us a good feeling watching things grow.