Friday, August 03, 2007

For Sale

It was only $4 for the book with an extra $3 for shipping. Profit was even less because of little fees here and there.

Still, seeing the email notifying me that the Houston Junior League cookbook had sold was exciting. It belonged to my late aunt. She had placed recipe clippings in the book. I sold it with the clippings included to a lady in, where else, Texas.

I have talked about selling on Ebay for years. Dan and I even attended an Ebay school.

The women who taught the Ebay school said it was good to start with books. They are easy to come by, easy to list and ship. I have been putting up book a day since last weekend. I have a book expiring within a few hours about Dan Quayle that isn’t going to sell, go figure. I have the Wise Encyclopedia of Cookery published in 1948 that isn’t getting much attention, which surprises me since I pointed out how "good a Christmas gift it would make for the hard to buy for person who likes to cook."

There are so many books listed that I imagine someone has to be specifically looking for a book in order for it to sell. Yet, how could anyone pass up my Time Life Wildflower book that just happens to have "beautiful watercolor illustrations."

You know how a new business will frame their first dollar and put it in a predominate place. Well, I might print out my sale and put it on my bulletin board. At least $3.50 is more than one dollar.


squire said...

I love E-bay. I have bought more items than I have sold but you can find things that you couls never find in your home town.

Anonymous said...

I had an old dog-training book that sold on eBay for more than I paid for it several years ago. It is out of print. I regret selling an old Quarter Horse book that I had for 20 years. It had pictures of all the famous old Quarter Horses. At the time I sold it I was so enjoying myself watching the bids go up, up, up. I was so excited. I think I got over $50 for it. But once in a while I'll want to look something up and remember I don't have it any more. Breed-specific books of dogs and horses used to sell well but I haven't checked lately.

Linda said...

I see I have a major error on this post. Dan Quayle has already expired--the book that is. No, I can't leave it, but you can figure out where it was.

Rurality said...

Post your ebay ID so everybody can look at your books! :)

Linda said...

My Ebay name is fe*mail
I would love to have you look!