Wednesday, November 02, 2005


There are three rural routes in our post office and three female full-time carriers. We call ourselves the "sisterhood." We do not race through our day to see who finishes their job first. We have each developed a pace and this dictates the length of our work day. So, the same carriers return about the same time and in the same order each day.

The fact is, I am the last carrier back in the office on most days for reasons I consider important. I don't mind bringing in the rear and am even ready to take more than a little ribbing about it. However, for the past few weeks, I have been trying to be more efficient with the increase in Holiday mail. Interestingly enough, I am still coming in last, because everyone else has picked it up also. All of this takes place and no one really acknowledges or talks about it.

What does this little post office scenario prove? Your team is only as fast as your slowest person. Actually, I think that when there is a job involving speed, the element of competition is always present, even if it is unspoken, which isn't necessarily bad.

All of this also lets me brag about my six year old grandson who, at his very first swim meet last Saturday, did not come in first, but finished each race with determination, enthusiasm, and potential. He obviously enjoyed his teammates and said he had a great time. Who knows where swimming will be in his future, but I was pleased with his sense of competition in and out of the water.

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