Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Riding the rails

Yesterday I mentioned we ate at the Katy Roundhouse. Today on the mail route I began thinking about my small connection with the Katy.

My brother and I were fairly young, I am guessing I was six or seven so he would have been around eleven. Our mom took us to the Junction City depot to ride the Katy to Skiddy. Our cousins lived there so I am sure Mom thought would be an adventure and she would not have to drive too far to pick up us.

We rode on a passenger car. Unfortunately, I don't remember much about the car, but I do remember the Conductor. He was dressed nicely with a flat topped hat. When the train started moving he made his rounds collecting tickets. He talked to us about the train and I remember feeling very special. The train stopped at the Skiddy grain elevator just to let us off. It continued on and in doing so , went right past my cousins front yard.

I checked another Katy web site and found the Neosho branch began in Junction City in 1868. Railroad expansion was becoming an important "race" into the new territories. The Katy line from Junction City met the southern line at Sedalia then on to Moberly to join the North Missouri Railroad (Wabash) thus making the connection to St. Louis. Little did my brother and I know we were riding history.

Trains have always had a romance about them--just think about the many train songs.

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pablo said...

As I was reading this, I was sure that "Skiddy" was a short version of "Kansas City." Turns out there actually is a place called Skiddy. I learn something new every day.