Friday, October 07, 2005


It's October and even though we have had our share of travel this year, we can't resist a trip to Hermann, Missouri, for their annual celebration.

Hermann is a quaint little German town along the Missouri river. There are numerous wineries in that region. It is a delightful weekend especially if the weather and trees cooperate. We planned this mini trip with another couple several months ago because of the Monday holiday. It appears we will be a bit early for the color this year but the weather sounds perfect.

Our favorite winery is Robller winery. We especially like their Norton wine. They will have wine tasting and blues and jazz all weekend. The owners are personable and available to talk about their wine operation. Their vineyard will be popular.

The Norton grape has a long American history. It is believed the first Norton vine was grown in Virginia. Missouri vineyards took it as their own and perfected its growth. It thrives in the warm midwest summers. It contains an unusually large content of resveratrol, believed to be the solution of the "French Paradox." That reason aside, we think it is a very good red wine and plan to bring home a case for the holidays.... but not before sampling a few bottles and kicking back.

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pablo said...

When we were kids, my mother used to take us to the Maifest each year. My grandfather from Kentucky always came up, and he was featured in the local newspaper as never having missed a fest in 30 years. (He later told me that he had, in fact, missed a few.)

When L and I were first looking for land, we looked very hard in the Hermann area, but we couldn't afford it, and it was too far from KC to make day trips practical. Still, it would have been nice to visit Hermann all of the time.