Thursday, September 15, 2005

Sunflower mystery

I have discovered at least two more types of sunflowers. Trouble is, none of my wildflower books nor the internet have much information on the different varieties. I might have one of them identified, but hesitate to post until I'm sure. I read that many sunflowers cross to make hybrids and I am wondering if that has happened. However, it seems different types are in large groups. I would like to find a book only on sunflowers. Will have to do some research.

When I checked my pictures tonight, I discovered something interesting and mysterious. I had my camera on the most extreme closeup/micro setting but miss calculated distance so instead of sharp flowers, I got background. Check it out! It looks to be some sort of material. Is it a missing link to an unsolved crime? I didn't notice it at the time. I would not make a good CSI investigator, though. I can't remember for sure where I took the picture.

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pablo said...

These are the kind of photos I find most intriguing. Too bad you can't recall the location. I suspect it is a piece of discarded clothing. I'm sometimes amazed at the pieces of clothes people sometimes feel the sudden need to part with. All kinds of clothes.