Sunday, September 11, 2005

Kansas State Fair

It was a beautiful day to be at the fair--slightly cloudy and cool. On the way to Hutchinson, we stopped by BETO Junction (its a crossroads named for the four closest towns) for one of their signature cinnamon rolls. Dan and I split one and we were both full.

We were parked and in the fair by 11:00. We first headed to the Pride of Kansas building. I wanted to see some of the 4-H exhibits before it was too crowded. This was not the building for 4-H but it did house the states largest pumpkin. It's hard to read, but it was 619 pounds!

We had a delicious lunch of hot beef sandwiches (pride of Kansas beef) and then on to the other exhibit halls with booths by Kansas businesses. It was way too crowded there besides it was time for the kid's tractor pull. We had no idea this was such a huge event. The arena was overflowing. I think each county had a preliminary event to pick those who pulled at the fair. We immediately spotted our neighbor. It was a bonus that we saw her peddle her tractor 21 feet.

Dan then went his own way to look at machinery and I finally found the 4-H entries. The exhibits showed a lot of talent and work. I especially enjoyed photography, entomology, woodworking and sewing (yes, young people still use sewing machines).

We met back up because it was time for the pig races. We had to walk back to the spot we entered the fair grounds. It was worth it to see the baby pigs race. We were talking about the pigs on the way home, wondering how long it took to train them to start from gates just like the race horses and run around a little track. Of course they have treats at the end, but still it was hilarious to watch. My pictures didn't turn out because the camera focused on the people in front of me instead of the pigs--too bad.

Then back to the other side of the grounds to check out the animal barns. Rabbits and chickens, birds, ducks and geese must be popular 4-H projects now. The large building was full of cages and every rooster was crowing--it seemed that way, anyway. From there it was the veterinary building. We just missed seeing a new calf born. It was still wet from birth and had not managed to get up yet. There was a huge sow about to give birth. If we would have hung around for a hour or so I bet we would have seen baby pigs--nothing cuter.

We only did one "ride" and that was a sky lift that took us up over the whole fair. We couldn't believe how crowded it looked from that vantage point. We were tired and it was nice to sit.

The next building housed the horses. We watched a western reining class for a while. By then it was almost 6:00 and past time for us to head for home. On the way out of the fair, we stopped at a little food stand that was selling fried green tomatoes. Wow, delicious but a little greasy. Oh well, it's the fair.


pablo said...

Sounds like a wonderful time. I've never been to a state fair, but they've always held an allure for me. I've been to the Fairgrounds in Hutch a few times in the winter with the Boy Scouts, but the place was always deserted then. I heard A Prairie Home Companion from the Fair this weekend. I guess you didn't get to see that.

Linda K said...

They taped the show at 4:00 pm on Saturday. I had to work so we couldn't be there. Too bad--it would have been fun.

Lisa said...

Looks like a fun time!