Saturday, July 30, 2005

Ultralight flying

When I returned home from carrying the route today, I immediately noticed the yard had been mowed—by Phillip! What can I say about this neighbor other than he has been a saint on a mower this summer. After Dan’s ATV accident, the broken collarbone kept him off the tractor. I was capable, but Phillip took it upon himself to take care of it for us. The last time he was down, I reluctantly told him Dan was back to work & we could handle the mowing. However, we did not get it done before Phillip rolled in with his gear (he has a lawn mowing business) and made short work of it again today.

Dan and I discussed what we could do for him. He absolutely refuses to take money. Dan said he just happened to ask him today if maybe he would like to take a ride in the ultralight. He said, without hesitation, let’s go now. So, I think we’ve figured out our payback.

It is hard to find words to describe how it feels to go up in the ultralight. I simply love it. We have what is called a trike. With our size delta wing, it will fly around 35 to 40 mph. We affectionately call it Snoopy because you can look straight down & see what people or animals are doing on the ground. There is one problem, Dan and I made the decision we will not fly Snoopy again until we have the engine completely gone through. We have landed it without power, but don’t want to make a practice of it.

We think we have a mechanic located that can work on Rotax engines. Hopefully, we will be back in business by fall—that is a beautiful time to fly. Phillip might have to fight me for that second seat.

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