Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Does our history shape our lives?

We all tend to remember the big historical events in our lives—graduation, job, choice of life mate, children, home, location… We all have them or will have them.

These events are shaped by intangibles such as love, faith, forgiveness, ability to laugh or cry, stubbornness, beauty, even anger but it is the big event that is remembered and not the subtle thoughts, words or deeds leading up to it. They do not fall by the wayside, however, they are all part of the big event.

History does shape our lives. For example, the decision to live at our present location might not have been made at an earlier time in our marriage. Still, as we learn from the historical big events whether they are wonderful or not so good, perhaps we keep or change deeper less visible feelings and beliefs without recognizing the reason.

Thanks, Shannon, for the topic.

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