Monday, April 25, 2005

Colorado weather

We spent two days in Colorado Springs helping move Doug & Drue to Monument, Woodland Park area. We had perfect weather. Because of previous help from Kim & Marc the weekend before and careful planning, the move went better than any of us expected.

I do love their new house. It has a genuine “Colorado” feel and look—plenty of aspens and pines on a mountain terrain. I had trouble staying on task because I wanted to just stand with little Carly Kay in arm and stare out the windows.

As I have mentioned before, I am intrigued with the weather in Colorado. In Kansas, we tend to look out the window towards the southwest to see “what’s coming.” It was in a passing comment by our geologist cousin several weeks ago that I realized Colorado has more of a weather pattern than I thought. Of course the range is a factor, but I learned that the Palmer Ridge also plays a very important part in the central Colorado weather. The Palmer Ridge begins near Monument and extends out toward Limon and follows I’70 through eastern Colorado. (Note the rivers) The reason I find the Palmer Ridge interesting at this time is that Doug & Drue’s house sits pretty much on that ridge north of Colorado Springs in the Monument area. This satellite image show how this particular snow storm followed the ridge.

Doug called this evening to let us know they were doing well in their new home. He said today it had rained, snowed, sun came out and then a period of heavy snow fall again. It will be interesting to see if the weather at their new location different than it was less than 10 miles south.

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