Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Barbecue vs smoked

I am never sure of the difference between barbecued meat and smoked meat. Without giving it too much thought, I think barbecue is a sauce and smoked is done on the grill. Maybe barbecue is faster and smoked is slower. Or barbecue is hamburgers or steaks and smoked is briskets or chicken. How about barbecue is gas and smoked is hickory wood. Then, what does "grilling" mean. Someone need to clear this up for me.

I do like meat cooked outside, no matter how. And, there are so many ways to do it that there are even contests. We went to one once--it was great.

When it is all said and done, though, if I were a judge, it would not be the meat that would decide the individual winner. It would be the beans. Tonight at Dan's spring water district meeting, I had the best beans I have ever tasted. The guy who provided the food caters for a living and specializes in smoking. He is entering a smoking/bbq/grilling contest this coming weekend. I will try to find out how his beans place. I put my money on them.

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