Tuesday, March 15, 2005

I'm Back!

We live in the country. This is not news for family and friends. It is an explanation of why I have such a hard time with the internet. I used dialup for a number of years, but since we live so far out it was a very slow connection. Last fall my neighbor convinced me a satellite dish was the answer.

The satellite has been wonderful! Once it is set up, it isn't that much more expensive than cable or dsl. The problem is Starband changed satellites and my dish needed to be repointed. It just took time to get that done. I am now good to go! It did make me realize again the wonderful age we live in--where I can sit down here and have a little instrument pointing at the sky and it is connecting with a orbiting satellite & in the process sending and receiving my computer messages.

I have lots of things to post--I hope I haven't completely lost my friends that checked in with me. Later this evening I will post some wonderful pictures.

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