Friday, October 25, 2019

More Than A Test

I don’t know if I should be flattered, apologize or explain, but I’ve had family and friends wonder what is going on that I’ve not made an appearance here. 

So, I’ll explain.

There’s one huge reason, but I’ll leave that to last. 

This summer has been a wet one here in Kansas.  With these rains, the garden flourished and the flower beds grew weeds.  Not much of an excuse, but working outside is best done in the evenings.  That way, a hot shower immediately washes off ticks and/or poison ivy and helps sore muscles.  By the time I sat down here at my computer, I would find myself slumped over dozing.  

Second, we have been busy with our calendar.  We’ve gotten in the habit of eating tacos one evening each week.  I’ve cooked a lot for guests here and taken there.  We’ve enjoyed having Kim, Marc, Aaron, Adam and Evan close by again, so we stop by there and hang out.  Doug, Drue, Trent and Carly have made the trip back from Colorado two times and we’ve gone there as well. 

The biggest reason, though, for being a slacker on my blog is a Netflix program called  Heartland, a Canadian series produced and filmed in the beautiful area near Calgary.    There are now eleven seasons available to watch.  Each season has eighteen 45 minute episodes, we are on season five.  We both love this show so it is best watched when we  sit down in the evenings. 

Heartland might not be for everyone.  First, it is rated PG.    This series shows very little bloody violence, although animals—mainly horses—are the central storyline and there is plenty suggested.  There is a strong love theme throughout with family bonds, struggles and characters finding their life partners.  Heartland Ranch helps troubled horses and people who have struggles of their own, often young.    Amy, a young lady who was high school age when the show started is a sort of “horse whisperer.”  Her work with horses often with help are the central theme of the stories.  

So,  I mentioned we are on season five.  I hate to admit this, but the evenings when I usually come into my office and sit down to write about what we’ve been doing have been taken up by a television show.  Truthfully,  I am going to have to set aside an hour in the mornings to work here in the office.  It’s not only my blog that’s suffered but I look at my desk and see a lot more. 

I do have a lot to write about and it is all laying out in a pile so it won’t be out of site, out of mind.  We took a two plus week roadtrip in September to the “Grand Circle”of National Parks in Utah.  I’ve got some great pictures and observations.  They are coming. 

Friday, July 19, 2019

Something is Moving in the Grass

If you hear yourself saying that, perhaps you should take a very close look before walking up to check. 

A week ago, we received a call wondering if Dan could help.  We immediately jumped in the truck and headed over.  What we found was as impressive as neighbor Deb said it was.  She had leaned over to pick up a piece of wood there is was.  Thankfully it was more interested in scaring than biting right at that time.  Later that day, Dan saw a copperhead down a road leading to the river.  There is some thought that the flood waters have pushed snakes up out of the valley.

Several nights ago, we came home late on the ATV.  As we were turning into the barn, our lights caught something in the grass.  The quality of the picture is poor because it was nearly dark.  But, no mistake this bunny was on high alert.

Then tonight we were sitting on the deck.  It was totally dark but we were enjoying the stars and gentle breeze.  When the mosquitoes decided to join us, I got up to go in the house.  As I walked in the garage, a little light shone across the yard and Dan asked if I would get a flashlight.  He thought there was something in the grass.  Sure enough, this little guy was busy digging for grubs and acted like it didn't even know we were there.  The crazy thing is it started to come right toward us and ended up coming up into the flower bed and went under the deck we were sitting on!   It could be one of the young ones that we think were raised under the mower shed.  Once again the picture is poor quality because Dan was holding a flashlight on it for light.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Counting Bales

I'm going to share a YouTube video I made last night.  First,  a little background.

Currently, I am subscribed to at least ten and probably more YouTube video channels.  These are produced by ocean cruisers and full-time RVers mostly.  I am amazed at the quality of these self made videos.  At some future time, I'll list some of the most well done.

So, I thought if they can do it, so can I.  Last night, there was a beautiful full moon, a few little clouds to make the sky interesting and Dan wanted to look over the bales that had been rolled up in the pasture.  So, off we went with my little video camera shooting here and there.

We spent about 30 to 45 minutes driving around and sitting to watch for deer in the beans.  The deer, for once, did not show up, but it was a beautiful sunset.  When we got home, it took me about three hours to edit the video and start the upload to YouTube.  I had to go to bed, because the 2 minute video was going to take over an hour to upload. 

This morning, I found the finished product.  Full disclosure, both Dan and I laugh out loud when we watch it.  Dan says it's my hat, I think it's the fact that this is actually what we do and the neighbors are probably laughing at us regularly as we tool around looking at stuff. 

At any rate, here you go:

Friday, July 12, 2019

2019 4th of July

The 4th of July this year was set as a goal for the completion of Kim and Marc's remodel project on their home. We all have looked forward to the celebration for a long time, but for them it was especially important.   Remodeling can be tedious at best and downright aggravating at worst.  So, having the 4th deadline was good for them in a way, but also stressful.

The good news is they were able to nearly complete everything they set out to do.  And we all had a wonderful time.

A highlight of the weekend was the many young people who came and went.  They have a way of having fun that filters down to everyone.  Aaron invited two friends from North Carolina to visit for a week.  Doug, Drue, Trent and Carly came from Colorado.  There were friends and friends of friends, so at any time we had up to 14 young people.   As you can imagine with all the water play, food and a lot of it was consumed.

Most of the activity centered around Kim and Marc's home on Lake Jivaro.  Everyone came out to our house on the evening of the 4th for a meal, fire and shooting off of some fireworks.  There are beautiful fireworks available now. And, even in the heat of the summer, there is a warmth around a fire that is beyond the flames.  For some reason, the camera just didn't come out that evening.  I didn't see anyone else taking pictures either.  Even though I like to have documentation, it was nice that everyone had their cameras and electronics put away.

On the 5th of July, the Lake had a fireworks display.  We enjoyed more visitors, including parents and relatives.  A highlight of the day was the boat parade.  Carly worked hard trying to get the decorations to stay on the damp boat.  If there had been a prize, we would have won.

As can be seen by the Smug Mug pictures, I captured plenty of lake pictures.  .   Click here and scroll down if you would like to see our weekend.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Clinton Lake

Picture from Clinton Lake US Army Corps of Engineers web site
Clinton Lake has broke a new record.  Here is the article from the Clinton Corps of Engineers web site:
"We are receiving daily calls and messages asking about the status of our boat ramps and beaches. Please see the below photo to understand better why we are unable to open these facilities for you. This is the Bloomington East peninsula, and that yellow line you see in the water is our beach boundary buoy. The lake is currently at elevation 896.87' above mean sea level. Normal elevation is 875.5', and our previous high water record was 892.46', which was measured in 1995. These are unprecedented times for Clinton Lake. Please understand that we are doing what we can to provide you with a quality recreation experience as we also juggle the lake's main priority, controlling downstream flooding.”
We are continuing to see rising waters on the upper part of the Lake as well.  A person we know called the Corps office to see if the water was safe to kayak or canoe.  They said all the pit bathrooms were cleaned out and the others were shut off before the water covered them.  That is good to know.

Monday, June 03, 2019

Wakarusa River

Just as Kansans all over the state are keeping an eye on their Corps of Engineer lakes,  we are making regular trips the six miles or so over to our Clinton Lake.  Locals who know say it is the highest its ever been and we agree.   Not only is the swimming beach under water, but the bathroom and shelter are mostly submerged.  The docks are unusable.  There is one one campground in the Corps Bloomington area that is completely open.  There is partial camping in the other but the bathrooms are closed.

Within a mile of us, is the Wakarusa River which is one of the feeds to Clinton Lake.  We just got back from checking the area where they have built fly away marshes.  The dikes are completely submerged. 

 This picture was taken from the top of a big hill looking south toward the river.  The view to the east was mostly obstructed by trees but the flooding looked the same. 

We considered going home and getting the canoe to check what kept splashing around down by the gate.  Probably carp having a hayday with all the new feeding.  They better get back to the river, area though.  We've seen carp stranded when the water recedes and it isn't pretty.

 Saw Mr. Turtle
giving me the evil eye. 

All should be concerned for Kansas farmers this year.  It's been a struggle planting and for many replanting.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Topic of the Day

Rain—how much did you receive?

How much did we receive?  The most recent was about 3 inches.  Can’t complain much about how it came down.  There was very little wind. It was not  a gully washer or toad strangler.  The trouble is the soil is saturated and most everything is running off.  Our pond is full and running out the overflow tube.  I am sure all ponds in the area are too.  That means all water is traveling down the tributaries, feeding the Wakarusa/Kaw/Missouri. 

We got the garden planted in a timely fashion this year.


The lettuce needs to be picked again.  The green beans are up enough that I am hoping they will be less susceptible to drowning.  I planted two rows of corn way down there on the east end .  There are tomatoes and green peppers down there as well.
We are trying something new this year for the cucumbers and squash.  The weeds can be so bad in among the vines so we laid down a black plastic and put pine needles on top of it.  Maybe we will help kill off  the bind weed that we struggle with each year too.

The grapes look good.  They are loaded with tiny clusters. 

Evan’s circle is looking awesome.  There are so many buds out there.

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Second Tuesday in May

I'm sitting here in my new office chair as I write this. 
About a month ago, I was at my desk here in the office.  To my back and behind my big roll top desk, is Dan.   We sometimes spend part of our mornings reading news and evenings reading  forums and blogs, listening to podcasts, etc.  Both our chairs were cheap and uncomfortable.  I just happened to see an email from Sam's Club advertising a sale on office chairs.  After a brief discussion, I pushed the purchase key and a week later two soft leather office chairs arrived.  At first I thought the purchase was a bit extravagant, but we have enjoyed this furniture purchase as much as any we've made in a long while. 
Today I picked a large container of fresh lettuce and spinach from the garden.  While out there I cut enough asparagus for our next meal.  The green beans are up nicely and the corn is making an appearance.  So far, no rabbit or deer damage.  We better get the electric fence out, though.  It only takes a couple of deer one night of grazing  to mow off a promising garden. 

Tonight we attended Adam's Pops Concert.  It was awesome.    My favorites were "My Shot" from the play Hamilton,  Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" and "Pirates of the Caribbean:  The Curse of the Black Pearl".   The senior director, Martha Barnhill, has been an instructor in the Shawnee Hts school system for over 30 years.  She has a masters touch teaching orchestra to young people.  Her enthusiasm and encouragement shows in the numbers--44 in Symphonic Orchestra and 64 in Concert Orchestra.  Amazing for a 5A size school.

Last evening, Dan and I made a final sweep clearing limbs in a small corner of the pasture that is mostly trees.  This spring we cut down a couple dead hedge trees which required a lot of picking up branches too small to cut up for fire wood.    So far so good, no itching.  There was poison ivy all over the place but I was covered neck to toe and everything went into the washing machine when I came in the house.
We've been cutting a lot of wood this spring.  Next time I'll have a couple pictures 

Monday, April 29, 2019

State Music Contest

Saturday Adam competed in the State Music Contest at Emporia High school.  His Cello Choir received a One rating, 77 out of 80 score playing "Processional" by Robert S. Frost.  Adam announced the number.


Thursday, April 04, 2019

Almost there!

The first Wednesday of the month at Chapman Valley Manor, Noreen comes by to sing with the residents.  This is a good time for us to visit Aunt Ruth.

First, Noreen is special in her own right because she is the last of my Dad's first cousins and is a vibrant 92 years old.  (Dad would have been 111 this year--he was 38 when I was born in 1946).  But more importantly, Noreen has had a passion for bringing music to elders for many years.  I thought yesterday as we sang along with her that we actually are a part of her elder group because we also enjoyed the very familiar old hymns and camp songs we seldom sing much anymore.

My brother's wife, Ruth, called Wayne's Ruth to set her apart, is Aunt Ruth's advocate at the care home.  Aunt Ruth did not have children and all of her extended family are grateful that she has Wayne's Ruth to watch after her.  She needs an advocate at this point in her life.  She is struggling with quality of life right now.

Aunt Ruth's birthday is the same day as Dan's--June 30th.  On that date this year, Dan will celebrate number 75 and Aunt Ruth will celebrate 100! 

Even though Aunt Ruth has some health and memory issues,  we were relieved that at least for ten minutes or so, thanks to Noreen,  we could hear her voice singing and a smile on her face--even a little of her distinctive laugh.  Wayne's Ruth assured us that this was significant as she had been fairly unresponsive of late. I was on one side of her and Wayne's Ruth was on the other.  When we heard that singing voice and little laugh, we looked at each other, both with damp eyes. 

Thank you, Noreen, for your dedication to singing with us.  Thank you Wayne's Ruth for dressing and fixing Aunt Ruth in the classy way that she would have chosen for herself had she been able to look into her closet and mirror.  We are pulling for that three month away date to celebrate 100 years of Aunt Ruth's life. 

For now, though, we were grateful for a short connection to her real personality. 

Saturday, March 30, 2019

April 1st timetable

Today it snowed!  Big flakes, heavy for a while, but no accumulation.  That would be par for this winter.  We did a short roadtrip to the north Kansas City Costco yesterday and couldn't believe the flooding on the Missouri River on north 435.  The destruction in Nebraska due to flooding is record breaking.

As I thought about what seems to me to be an unusual winter this year, I decided to look back at blog posts from year's past.

On April 1, 2005 and April 1, 2006 I posted that the Pelicans were spotted migrating back through the area.  We spotted a large group of white birds in the distance on our way to Clinton several days ago that just about had to be Pelicans.  Also, we spotted Turkey Vultures or buzzards as I like to call them, on or around March 16th,  just as we do each year.

On March 30, 3010, I snapped a picture of a Yellow Bellied Sapsucker.  I looked out the window a couple days ago and there was one looking right back at me.  So, they are here as usual.

On April 6, 2012, I was sitting at the kitchen table and spotted a tree frog on our bar stool.  I speculated at the time that it came in an open window without screens.  So far, we have not spotted a tree frog but I have had the windows (without screens) open several times on warm days.

On April 1, 2013 we were celebrating Easter.  From the time this picture of Kim with this fabulous walleye was taken to now, she and her family sold the house on Lake Jivaro and moved to North Carolina and then moved back and purchased another house on Jivaro.  They have tried several times in the past week, but still no luck with walleye this year.

On April 1, 2014, I posted a little movie of us picking up rocks.  Spent a day doing that this week.

April 1, 2015, we  nearly froze our water system in our little RV in the Smoky Mountains coming back from North  Carolina.

Frost in the forecast for tonight, but a fairly nice week ahead.  All in all,  we are probably on track with spring as usual.

Monday, March 11, 2019

Palmer Ridge High School Wind Ensemble

This was part of our last four days in Colorado.  Trent is a percussionist in his Wind Ensemble.  They were competing in the district contest for the state of Colorado. Palmer Ridge High School is in Monument CO, north of Colorado Springs.  They received three perfect scores with a 1 rating.  They will be competing at State.  Here is a link to an audio of their concert where they played "Afterlight" by William Pitts and "Blue Shades" by Frank Ticheli.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Adam is Rolling -- League Champions

Here is the picture from today's League Championship team!  Adam is next to his coach.

Adam, our Shawnee Hts High School Junior, came back from North Carolina with a love of bowling and league experience there.  I am not sure if his school there had a team.  He felt he might be competitive though.  And,  after trying out for the school bowling team,  he earned a place on the varsity team.

We came into this activity with no experience so we didn't even know if we could cheer for good performance.  We could and we have.  With the bad weather the past few weeks, the schools have had to be creative to get in all the tournaments that had to be called off.  We've seen a lot of bowling the last few days.

Adam has a unique two-hand delivery.  I tried to capture a pictures--


We are proud of his dedication and team play.  These kids are good bowlers!  We have watched two of Adam's teammates approach a 300 score.  They all bowl around 200 most of the time. 

I will say, this time of year, it is a great spectator sport.  It is warm and the games move along quickly.